Hey There! Firstly, thanks for purchasing one of my themes :)

Due to an influx of customisation requests, please ensure that your ticket relates to theme usage, setup, or bug reports. 

Customisation requests (theme modification, behaviour changes, moving elements, 3rd party plugin integration etc.) will be politely forwarded to -- http://www.madeinebor.com/customisations/ -- and then your ticket will be closed.

What these tickets are for: 

Help using theme features, Help setting up / installing themes, bug reports & reasonable feature requests for future updates.

What these tickets aren't for: 

Any issues relating to 3rd party plugins not recommended by the theme, theme customisations, or theme changes your client requires.

What counts as customisation? 

If you want to change the appearance or functionality of the theme by editing or extending the theme's code, then that is customisation, and will not be supported through these tickets. Likewise if your client has a function request that does not exist in the theme, these tickets are not the place to have the theme extended for this.

Do you need customisation work? 

If that's exactly what you're here for, you can fill out a custom work form here; http://www.madeinebor.com/customisations/

Things to check when leaving a ticket: 

  1. Remember to leave a link to your site, it helps for almost all tickets. 
  2. If you have an issue that you can take a screenshot of & post a link to your site, then even better.
  3. If you're having an issue you want me to take a look at then remember to disable all Plugins/Extensions/Non-Standard Widgets first
  4. Make sure you've properly validated your theme purchase.
  5. We cannot help with bugs in modified themes. If you're experiencing any bugs then fall back to the default theme and test that the bug exists there also.

I run support Weekdays 9am-5pm GMT. You can expect a response within 24 - 48 hours Monday to Friday unless I have other appointments / national holiday which will delay my answer. I'll respond to questions outside of these times & weekends occasionally, but please don't expect a response outside my stated hours.

Cheers & Thanks again for your purchase!

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