These tickets are strictly not for theme customisation or 3rd party plugin questions. Theme Customisation means modifying the appearance or functionality of the theme beyond what the theme options provide or the demo shows. Any ticket relating to customisation will be politely forwarded to - https://www.tommusrhodus.com/request-a-quote/ - and then your ticket will be closed.

If your ticket relates to a 3rd party plugin that the theme didn't explicitly recommend to install you will be sent to the same link.

Before posting a ticket, please read and follow through the following article: http://www.tommusrhodus.com/things-check-leaving-sup...

If your ticket is about a bug or quirk, be sure to read through the following article also, as this may be covered: http://www.tommusrhodus.com/wordpress-known-quirks/

Please Note: If you do not follow through the steps in the article, we will simply ask you to do so and you will be delayed, most tickets are easily solved by the steps in the above article, so save some time and work with it!

We run support throughout the day Monday - Friday from the GMT timezone, please expect to receive a response within 12 - 48 hours during these days, tickets are not responded to on weekends or national holidays.