Stack Update Details

tags are removed from the variant content editor to ensure a consistent experience. If you need to add JS or CSS to your site you should use a child theme or a plugin such as https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/custom-css-js/ 

Variant - Simple Lightbox Link Editing - You can now specify your lightbox image links via the WP url editor (this means you can use one image to display your project, and link to another image in the lightbox if you wish)

Stack 1.0.6 New Features (April 18th 2017)

WooCommerce 3 Feature Support Added - Stack no offers support for WooCommerce's new 'zoom on hover' function as well as a neat slider for your product gallery images. To use this simply update your WooCommerce version and your all set. For an example please see http://stack-variant.tommusdemos.wpengine.com/product/apple-ipad/

Social Icons Added To Top Bar - You can now add your social links to the top bar (above the main menu area) - to begin simply head to Appearance > Customize > Header Settings > Header Social Settings and add your profiles as you wish.

You can also enable/disable the new social icons area via Appearance > Customize > Header Settings > Sub Header Settings 

Visual Composer - New Modal/Notification Settings - Modal blocks can now have the trigger button disabled which is ideal if your not using a manually triggered modal.

Variant - New Careers Section Added - You will now find a new Careers block which can be used to display your careers in any page - this block also includes an option to display a particular category only also.

Stack 1.0.7 New Features (April 19th 2017)

Header Overrides Now Available for Search, and Custom Post Archives - By popular demand, we have now added override controls for areas which, untill now, would only use the global header setting. To control which header style is used simply head to Header Settings > Archive Header Settings in the theme options and tweak each available override as you wish.

New Target Controls - You can now set the target (for example if you want a link to open in a new window) for the footer and sub header buttons. These new fields can be found under each relevant button option within the theme options.

Automatic Updates Added - You can now update your theme from within the admin area, just like a theme from wordpress.org - for details on this process please see 

Easy Digital Downloads Support Added - We have added basic integration of EDD, however these styles will be further developed within a future update.

Stack 1.0.8 New Features (May 9th 2017)

Variant - Form Blocks Form Override Added - Form blocks, which typically use Contact Form 7 for there forms by design, can now easily be overridden with your own form plugins shortcode should you wish to use an alternative form plugin.

Variant - New Blog Layouts Added - We have expanded our blog layouts with even more choice! We have now added a stylish "Simple List + Sidebar" option.

Dropdown Menu Width Theme Option Added - You can now choose from 3 neat widths for you menu dropdowns - to do this head to Header Settings > Layout Settings and use the option provided 

Typed Text Speed Option Added - You can now control the speed of the typed text effect to suit your needs. This new option can be found under Site Settings > Typed Text Settings

Variant + Visual Composer - Hide On Mobile Etc Fixed - You can now fully control which items are shown and visible on mobile/desktop etc via the included options, which up until now have not been working as they should.

Stack 1.0.9 New Features (May 17th 2017)

New Header Layouts Added - We have added a trio on nav styles to our already massive list of options. You will now find the new 'Overlay header with dark text & logo', 'Overlay header & top bar with dark text & logo' and 'Centered overlay header with dark text & logo' within the available header layouts in both the theme options and page override areas.

Additional Header Override Added - You can now forgo the nav entirely with a page and simply use an in-page navigator instead.

Post Author Box/Bio Added - By popular demand we have added a traditional style author box which can be used in your blog posts (as well as a new option to disable it if you wish also)

New Social Media Icons Added - To keep up with the ever-changing world of social platforms, we have update the list of available icons to included even more of your favourite social sites.

Basic Sensei Plugin Support Added - We have added some basic support for the Sensei WP plugin, this will be expanded on in a future update.

Visual Composer - Modal/Notification Blocks Button Style Setting Added - When using the modal blocks within VC, we have added an option to control the button style used to launch the modal - this allows you to use a nice bold primary button to really grab attention

Variant - In Page Navigator Removed - This block has now been removed from Variant - so to use an in-page navigator please use the page overrides mentioned above.

Stack 1.1.0 New Features (May 19th 2017)

New Theme Option - Enable/Disable Header Cart Icon on mobile/desktop - You can now head to Appearance > Customize > Header Settings > Sub Header Settings to enable or disable the cart icon (if your using WooCommerce of course) on both mobile and desktop menus.

New Theme Option - Choose Between Dropdown Filters and Horizontal Filters - You can now select an alternative filtering style for your filterable items such as blog feeds etc, simply head to Site Settings > Global Settings and choose your desired style.

New Theme Option - Enable/Disable 1st Active Tab and Accordions - By default, tabs and accordions will show the 1st item in full upon page load - you can now disable this (to have the 1st item hidden/all accordions closed by default) via Site Settings > Global Settings in the theme options.

Stack 1.1.1 New Features (May 25th 2017)

New Theme Option - Custom Map Markers - You can now upload your own custom map marker for use throughout your site! This new option can be found in the all new theme options area, Appearance > Customize > Site Settings > Maps.

New Shop Layouts Added - In response to customer suggestions, we have added two new shop layouts you can choose from, Shop Standard + Sidebar and Shop Tiles + Sidebar, perfect for a more traditional shop home layout.

New Feature - Top Level Menu Items can be clickable. If you have set your drop-downs to respond on hover (rather than on click) your top level menu items can now be clickable.

Variant - New Block Added - We have added an all new Team Carousel block to variant, for even more flexibility for displaying your staff.

Variant - Hide Feeds by Settings Posts Per Page to 0 - Now in variant, if you wish to hide a feeds content you can now set the number of posts per page in the feeds settings to 0.

Stack 1.1.2 New Features (June 11th 2017)

New Header Styles Added - Logo Only - As requested by our lovely users, we have now added a super-minimal header layout which shows the logo only to our already expansive list of header styles. To use them you will find the new 'Logo Only' header styles available under Appearance > Customize > Header Settings > Header Layout

Variant - Features 5 Editing - The Features 5 block now provides a full WP WYSIWYG editor for simple content editing.

Stack 1.1.3 New Features (June 16th 2017)

New Single Product Layout Added - You can now switch from the default layout (where the sidebar is below the main content) to all all new more traditional layout with the sidebar to the right of the main content. To select this head to Appearance > Customize > Shop Settings and use the dropdown provided

Disable Product Star Ratings In Product Feeds - Another user request, we have added the option to disable the ratings within the various feeds. To do this head to Appearance > Customize > Shop Settings and use the dropdown provided

Search Results Now Show The Featured Image - By popular demand we have implemented featured images into the search results.

New Blog Layout Added - You can now use the magazine layout without the integrated CTA area! This can be selected via Appearance > Customize > Blog Settings > Blog Layout if you wish to use this new layout.

Visual Composer - New Map Zoom option Added. The styled map and map + image blocks now include a field to control the zoom level within the map, this can be found within the blocks settings (via the edit/pencil icon)

Visual Composer - Timing Option Added to Client Carousel - The client carousel block now includes a timing option so you can slowdown/speedup things as you wish. 

Variant - New Background Colour Added to ALL Sections - You can now choose your primary colour (set via the theme options) as a section background colour within all applicable sections.

Variant - New Text Alignment Options - All applicable sections can now justify the text if you wish, this can be done via the sections settings.

Variant - New Feature Blocks Added - 3 new feature styles can now be found within variant, Features Large 14, Features Small 14 and Features Small with Background

Stack 1.1.4 New Features (June 19th 2017)

Variant - New Blog Layout Added - We have added a new variation of the Magazine blog layout to the Variant post feed block which removes the CTA should you wish to not use it.

Variant - New Blog Carousel Added - By popular demand (we love your feedback here at TommusRhodus Themes) we have added a snazzy new blog carousel block to Variant, you will find this under the 'blog' items within Variant

Variant - Carousel Controls Added To Relevant Blocks - New controls which allow you to tweak the timing etc have been added to the Blog, Team and Product Carousel blocks.

Stack 1.1.5 New Features (June 27h 2017)

New Option - In Page Scroll Offset Control - We have now added a brilliant new option for those of you using in-page links, you can now control the scroll offset so you can set the scroll point with pin-point accuracy. This new option can be found under Site Settings > In Page Scrolling Settings in the themes options.

Header & Footer Social Icon Areas Updated - In response to our awesome users invaluable feedback, these areas can now show up to 10 icons each!  

New Gallery Formats Added - You can now pick from two new layouts for your media galleries, Stack Masonry and Stack Lightbox.

New Background Image Options For Breadcrumbs/Title Areas - You can now setup a background image for the breadcrumb area for team, career, blog and portfolio archives, as well as single pages.

Variant + Visual Composer - Comments Block Added - We have added a very useful block for those of you who wish to allow user comments on your page builder based based pages. This new block can be found under the 'Text' block filter within Variant as well as within the usual block array when adding content to your VC pages.

Stack 1.1.6 New Features (July 1st 2017)

New Max Width Theme Options - You can now control the global maximum width for your content. To do this simply head to Appearance > Customize > Site Settings and tweak as you wish.

Traditional Add To Card Option Added - We have also added a more traditional text based add-to-cart button, you can switch to this via Appearance > Customize > Shop Settings in your WP admin area.

Stack 1.1.7 New Features (July 10th 2017)

New Page Template Added - By popular demand, we have added a new traditional page template 'Page left Sidebar'. You will find this available under Page Templates when creating/editing pages.

New Footer Styles Added - You can now choose from primary-bg footers (so they use your primary bg colour as the background) from the theme options and page overrides.

New Instagram Widget Settings - You can now specify the number of images and number of columns used within the Instagram Widget.

Variant - New Local Video Block Added - You can now use locally hosted videos with the newly add Video Cover 7 block.

Stack 1.1.8 New Features (July 19th 2017)

New Portfolio Layouts Added - For those of you wish do not wish to use either page builder for creating your single projects, you can now select from a split (image left/text right), feed (image on top/text below) or blank (no image) for single portfolio items. To select, head to Appearance > Customize > Portfolio Settings > Single Portfolio Settings

Stack 1.1.9 New Features (July 27th 2017)

Parallax Now Works on Mobile - We have re-tweaked the parallax engine and its now working well on mobiles!

Variant - New blocks added - We have now added a Blog Comments block, and 3 new fullwidth elements (fullwidth slider, fullwidth post carousel and fullwidth ken burns slider). 

Variant - New Fullwidth Blocks added - You will now find fullwidth versions of the Ken Burns Slider, the Regular Slider as well as the blog carousel within the huge range of available Variant Blocks.

Variant - Comment Block Moved - You will now find the comments block within the 'Blog' category within Variant.

Stack 1.1.9 New Features (July 27th 2017) HOTFIX

This small release is a hotfix to remedy a couple of small issues relating to the Typed Text and Mobile Backgrounds.

Stack 1.2.0 New Features (August 2nd 2017)

Careers Post Type Slug is Now Changable - By popular demand we have added the option to change the 'careers' post type slug. To do this, head to Settings > Stack Post Type Options and tweak as you wish. Dont forget to then head to Settings > Permalinks and re-save your permalinks to ensure the changes take effect fully.

Stack 1.2.1 New Features (August 8th 2017)

Counter added to Header Cart Icon - We have added a neat AJAX cart counter to the cart. This is enable automatically so simply update to this version to benefit from this nifty new feature.

Compatibility Added for Title and Nofollow For Links Plugin - Some of you who have used WP for some time may be missing a certain function which was removed years ago from WP: the ability to set titles etc for link - this can be resolved with an awesome little plugin below, which Stack now fully supports https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/title-and-nofollow-for-links/

Stack 1.2.2 New Features (September 6th 2017)

Shop Archives Breadcrumb Area can now have a custom Background Image - We have added a new option to allow you to set a custom bg image for the shop archive pages breadcrumb area - to access this new option head to Appearance > Customize > Shop Settings 

Logo Alt Text Option Now Available - Within the logo settings you will now find a new option to customize the alt text as you wish.

Mega Menu Top Level Items can Now be a Link - When using the hover dropdown option, you can now have the top level menu items (which untill now has been a trigger for the mega menu dropdown) can now be a custom link.

Video Posts Now Support Vimeo - The neat overlay effect you see here http://stack.tommusdemos.wpengine.com/a-video-post/ now supports vimeo videos! Simply paste your video url into a post with the video format selected and your featured image will be overlayed for you automatically.

Header Social Icons now show Title Text - For those keen on SEO, the social links now show a html title, perfect for those search engines.

New Breadcrumb layout and global Setting - Stack now offers the choice of numbered/text based pagination - you can control this via Appearance > Customize > Site Settings > Global Settings 

Footer Short 3 Now Includes a Menu - This popular footer layout now supports a menu for even more flexibility

Stack 1.2.3 HOTFIX (September 20th 2017)

This was a small update which fixes a small bug with the parallax script and one of the blog layouts.

Stack 1.2.4 (October 4th 2017)

Careers Post Type Visual Composer Template Override Added - For those wishing to enable/disable the blank Visual Composer template (so you can freely use VC to craft your own creations for single Career items) you will now find a new override option under Visual Composer Settings in your theme options.

Careers Feed Can now Display a Single Category - Similar to the category selector available in the blog/portfolio feeds etc, you can now specify a category of career items to display when using the Career feed block.

Cache Busting Improvements - As browsers and WP plugins caching has becomre more aggressive, refreshing assets can be a pain when updating/making changes. We have now added the theme version number to all theme resources in an aim to reduce the number of full browser caches clears needed. 

Stack 1.5 (November 3rd 2017)

New Blog Layout – we have added two brand new blog feeds to the already expansive selection. These are a portfolio style blog, and a detailed row of posts.

New Gallery Options – you can now create an awesome carousel + lightbox gallery for really showing off your images at there best

New Header Layouts – By popular demand, the centered header style can now also display the top bar.

New Lighter Font Icon file option – Another user requested feature here. Whilst most users love the choice of 1000+ icons we provide in Stack, understandably having so many icons available adds to the overall page size which in some cases is not ideal. As of Stack 1.5 you can now disable this so only a core set of icons is loaded which can further decrease page loading speeds (though beware that most icons – other than the few which are core to Stack’s design will no longer be available of course)

Shop Header Override Added – You can now specify and alternative header layout for your WooCommerce powered shop pages, similar to what is offered for Portfolio items etc.

Embedded Videos now load much faster – Thanks to @khromov via GitHub, the inline embeds now cache there requests making the load times considerably quicker