Having Issues with Visual Composer/WPBakery Page Builder - This will be due to the WordPress 5.0 update and you need to update your plugin to suit - for details see "Using Visual Composer/WPBakery Page Builder?" here

Jan 2019 - WordPress 5.0 is here, and there are some CRUCIAL steps to take before update should you decide to do so, please read our article details these steps here.


Installing WooCommerce

Your theme is ready for WooCommerce if you need eCommerce in your theme. There’s 2 steps to set this up, but you should also consider installing my demo data with WooCommerce pages and posts to make your life easier after setting up the plugin.

Install WooCommerce

Go to “plugins” => “add-new” => “install” and search for WooCommerce & then run the installer.

Run the Woo Setup Wizard

Once activated, WooCommerce will take you to a setup screen - simply follow along each set of options and allow WooCommerce to install and setup the pages for you.

Install WooCommerce Demo Data

By far the easiest way to use WooCommerce is to first install the WooCommerce demo data and then configure it to your needs, you already have all the required WooCommerce pages installed so now we just need to populate them.

Head to the Demo XML Data folder in your download, the data we’re after is called woocommerce.xml

For details on importing this data, head to the Installing the demo data section of this documentation.

WooCommerce is now set up

That’s all you need to do to get a fully functioning shop within your theme, with the WooCommerce pages installed and with the WooCommerce demo data installed you’re ready to rock.

You may want a little more help with how to use WooCommerce though, well your theme does not modify any of the default WooCommerce methods of working, so by far the best resource for WooCommerce now is that already written by WooThemes themselves, below is a selection of links worth visiting;

Getting Started with WooCommerce

Full details of how to add and manage your product base;

Adding and managing products

Handling digital downloads;

Digital Downloads

Adding / managing coupons with your store;


Finally, if you really need some 101 help with WooCommerce, WPTuts did a great mini-series which you should take a read of;

WooCommerce 101