July 2018 - WP 4.9.8 has brought an option to install Gutenberg - the new WP Editor. We're updating our themes to work with this. For now, please install the Classic Editor plugin to continue as normal.

August 2018 - We're releasing updates to our older themes which may cause breakages. These themes will contain a notice on the WP Admin Dashboard once the update is installed. Please read this carefully to ensure your site is up and running again asap. We also have a blog post and video detailing this in full detail to read here


Foundry Portfolio Posts


The theme offers a very flexible and powerful portfolio section to handle your projects with ease.

To begin, navigate to the portfolio area within your WordPress dashboard. This can be found under Portfolio on the main menu

To give you the ultimate level of control, this theme leverages to full power of Visual Composer to let you control exactly what your portfolio items look like and what information is shown.

The main method of showing your images uses the WordPress gallery function, so you can create a gallery and display it as you wish by following along this with video.

Heads Up!

A single portfolio post represents a singular image within the portfolio post feeds on the site. Portfolio posts are automatically show at /portfolio/ on your site, though you can use the page builder to add these to a page instead.

Portfolio posts function exactly in the same way as blog posts. Any additional features of a portfolio post can be modified in the additional portfolio settings section underneath the WP Editor when making a portfolio post, take a look through these options, and make a mental note of what they offer.

Heads Up!

Each Portfolio post MUST have a featured image set. This image should be a minimum of 440px X 330px and should have a maxiumum width of 2000px

To set a featured image, head to the lower right corner of your portfolio editor and hit the 'set featured image' link - this will then take you to your media library where you can choose the image or upload a fresh one to reprasent this project throughout your site.