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Using WPML with Foundry

Foundry is fully compatible with the worlds leading translation plugin for WordPress - WPML, This article will cover how to get started with Foundry to create a multilingual site.

Getting Started

To begin you will need to install and activate the main WPML plugins used to handling all aspects of theme translation, these are WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation and WPML Translation Management.

Once installed and activated, you will see a new area in your WP Dashboard labelled WPML, this is where you now need to go to begin settings up WPML to your needs (which languages to use and default language etc). For a more detailed walk-through of this, please see the official Setup Guide.

Translating Posts/Pages

WPML created a new meta box for you which you should now see in your Posts/Page editing screens

This area allows you to basically create the post/page in each language you have setup earlier. Simply hit the 'show' link and choose the language you want to translate by hitting the edit pencil next to the language name.

Translating Theme Strings

To translate the themes admin areas as well as certain areas used in your theme which cannot be edited like a page/post such as comments, head to WPML > String Translation

Here you will see a long list of all the texts found throughout the theme.

Simply hit the Translations link to view and add your own variations as you wish.

Translating Custom Posts (Portfolio, Team etc)

In a similar fashion to Visual Composer, you must tell WPML which post types you would like to translate in order to have the language meta box (mentioned above) visible in areas such as your Portfolio editing screen.

To do this, head to WPML > Translation Management and switch the areas you wish to translate to the correct setting as seen below

Adding the language switcher

To activate the themes language switcher in the menu area, head to Appearance > Customize > Header Settings > Site Layout and set the language switch on via the option provided.