Pillar - WordPress Theme


1. Pillar - Introduction & Getting Started

2. Pillar - How To Install Your Theme

3. Pillar - Installing Theme Plugins

4. Pillar - Installing WooCommerce

5. Pillar - Importing Demo Data (Auto Method)

6. Pillar - Importing Demo Data (Fallback Method)

7. Pillar - Troubleshooting Your Installation

8. Pillar - Theme Options Overview

9. Initial Theme Setup

10. Pillar - Setting Up A Logo

11. Pillar - Easy Google Fonts

12. Pillar - Using Visual Composer

13. Pillar VC Rows Special CSS Classes

14. Assigning WPBakery Page Builder to Portfolio/Ebor Mega Menu Pages

15. Pillar - Visual Composer Blocks

16. Pillar - Portfolio Posts

17. Pillar - Team Posts

18. Pillar - Client Posts

19. Pillar - Testimonial Posts

20. Pillar - Post Type Options

21. Pillar - Mega Menus

22. Contact Form 7 Overview

23. Creating a Google Maps iFrame

24. How do I reorder categories/posts etc?

25. Common Issue Troubleshooting

26. Theme support Policy

27. How To Rate Your Theme

28. Setting Up Automatic Updates

29. Pillar - Tweaks and Knowledgebase

30. WPBakery Page Builder Purchase Code/License

1. Pillar - Introduction & Getting Started

Before you begin, if you have downloaded "All files and documentation" from your ThemeForest downloads area, be sure to unzip your main download package first. Within you will find the theme zip itself. Failure to do so will result in an "missing stylesheet" error - for more on this see https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821510-Theme-is-missing-the-style-css-stylesheet-error

2. Pillar - How To Install Your Theme

Installing your new theme is very straight forward and should be familiar to anyone who has worked with WordPress to any degree before, however we will outline the process here for you to ensure a trouble-free installation.

To begin, head to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance in the main menu, from the sub-menu on this page you will then need to select Install Theme, followed by the Upload button. You can see these steps in the animation below.

Its importing you upload the correct zip. By default most users will download the entire package when purchasing a theme, this needs to be unzipped and within this you will see various files and folders covering documentation, demo-data and of course the theme itself - typically the zip you need to upload will have a name similar to themename.zip - this is the one to upload here.

Once the upload has taken place, you will need to hit the ###stronglink to begin using your awesome new theme.

If your working with a fresh installation of WordPress, one final step you may wish to follow is to set your sites permalinks to something a bit nicer to look at (for a details overview of this settings you can view our ###a href="http://www.tommusrhodus.com/wp-basics-wordpress-settings-overview-discussion-media-and-permalinks/" rel="nofollow">blog post). To apply 'pretty permalinks' to your WordPress installation, just head to Settings > Permalinks and set the option to 'Postname'.

3. Pillar - Installing Theme Plugins

When you first install the theme you'll see a popup on your dashboard from the theme asking you to install a number of plugins.

Allow the theme to install these for you. The plugins which are installed are dependent of the theme, the images below are for illustrative purposes only. 

TIP - You can install all plugins at the same time by checking the box at the top of the this list, see below for an example. 

Once done (the process should take no more than a few minutes) You will see a confirmation notice similar to the image below. 

 Now you have the themes plugins installed, you can continue to the next stage of the setup and import the demo data without any issues.

4. Pillar - Installing WooCommerce

Your theme is ready for WooCommerce if you need eCommerce in your theme. There’s 2 steps to set this up, but you should also consider installing my demo data with WooCommerce pages and posts to make your life easier after setting up the plugin.

Install WooCommerce


Go to “plugins” => “add-new” => “install” and search for WooCommerce & then run the installer.

Run the Woo Setup Wizard


Once activated, WooCommerce will take you to a setup screen - simply follow along each set of options and ###strong the pages for you.

Install WooCommerce Demo Data

By far the easiest way to use WooCommerce is to first install the WooCommerce demo data and then configure it to your needs, you already have all the required WooCommerce pages installed so now we just need to populate them.

Head to the Demo XML Data folder in your download, the data we’re after is called woocommerce.xml

For details on importing this data, head to the Installing the demo data section of this documentation.

WooCommerce is now set up

That’s all you need to do to get a fully functioning shop within your theme, with the WooCommerce pages installed and with the WooCommerce demo data installed you’re ready to rock.

You may want a little more help with how to use WooCommerce though, well your theme does not modify any of the default WooCommerce methods of working, so by far the best resource for WooCommerce now is that already written by WooThemes themselves, below is a selection of links worth visiting;

###a href="http://docs.woothemes.com/documentation/plugins/woocommerce/getting-started/" class="button blue" rel="nofollow">Getting Started with WooCommerce

Full details of how to add and manage your product base;

Adding and managing products

Handling digital downloads;

Digital Downloads


###a href="http://docs.woothemes.com/document/smart-coupons/" class="button blue" >Coupons

Finally, if you really need some 101 help with WooCommerce, WPTuts did a great mini-series which you should take a read of;

WooCommerce 101

5. Pillar - Importing Demo Data (Auto Method)

We have created a very simple system which can help you get your new theme setup like the demo in just a few clicks, however its crucial that you install all of the themes required plugins prior to beginning the import.

To begin single click import, you need to head to Appearance > Customize - within the theme options you will see a Demo Data area similar to the animation below. Simply click the import button and await the confirmation of the process's completion.

Bare in mind, the import process can take anywhere from 5 to 50 minuits (depending on the speed of your server etc) - you must not navigate away from the page whilst the import takes place.

6. Pillar - Importing Demo Data (Fallback Method)

I have created a folder labeled "Demo XML Data" which contains an export for the Live Preview. The place to upload this XML file is in WordPress under Tools > Import.

Once you've arrived on the Import page, you will click on the "WordPress" link: Wordpress - Install the WordPress importer to import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.

The first time you do this you will get a pop-up prompting you to install the "WordPress Importer". You will need to click "Install Now". Then You will have installed the plugin and need to click "Activate Plugin & Run Importer".

From here you will just need click "Choose File" and select the demo-data.xml file. Then click "Upload file and import".

You will then be prompted to Assign Authors. You can read the description at the top as this explains everything. Note: Make sure you Import Attachments.

Check the box "Download and import file attachments". This will download attachments for images included in the Live Preview demo.

You now just need to wait for the importer to finish. This might take a few minutes depending on your hosting server speed.

7. Pillar - Troubleshooting Your Installation

  1. Demo data installed correctly, but there's no imges? You either forgot to import attachments when installing demo data, or your server is configured to not allow incoming attachments. You'll need to go through the theme, posts, portfolios and set featured images accordingly.
  2. Seeing a red warning where a revolution slider should be? You just need to import the demo slider included in your themes Demo XML Data folder provided in your package (see video above).
  3. No Menus?! Help! This is simple, go to appearance -> menus and set your registered menus to a theme location.
  4. I'm getting 404 errors on posts & pages. See the permalinks section of this documentation.
  5. My site is slow to load & pages. See this article.

8. Pillar - Theme Options Overview

9. Initial Theme Setup

Ok, so far we have installed the theme, we have installed the plugins and imported the demo data, whats next? 

The final step in getting your new theme setup and ready for you to edit as you wish is to setup your home page and menu. To begin, head to Settings > Reading, here you will need to set your Front Page.

By default WP is set to show your latest posts, however to make your theme just like our demo you should select a static front page from the pages provided in the demo data.

Please note - is important to set the Posts Page here also (you should find a blog page in the demo data)

Finally, if you have not done so already, its highly advisable to update your permalink settings. To do this, head to Settings > Permalinks and select any option other than default. We recommended 'postname' - as you can see below.

10. Pillar - Setting Up A Logo

You can add your own custom logo in seconds, thanks to our easy to use theme options. To begin, just head to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress admin area.

From here you will need to navigate to the Header Options, where you will find an area to upload your logo. For reference, these options will look similar to the animation below, however be aware the exact option may differ in your particular theme.

11. Pillar - Easy Google Fonts

To modify fonts & fonts colours, you'll want to install the Easy Google Fonts plugin, it's fantastic.

Advanced: for very specific font control, you can add additional selectors to the plugin if you need to. To do this have a watch of this video:

12. Pillar - Using Visual Composer

13. Pillar VC Rows Special CSS Classes

Pillar uses a few key CSS classes which can be used within Rows to alter the background, orientation and text-alignment - using them is very simple, you just take the class from the list below and add it to the custom class area within a rows settings (seen below)

We will now detail the available classes and what they do.


Quite simply, this will give the row a white background


This will give a row a slightly different, but still light background, ideal for creating visual heirachy on long pages containing many sections


This gives you a darker row (with light text). This is perfect for breaking up your pages sections and giving things more visual appeal.


This class will give your row a coloured background based on the primary color your set in the theme options, much like the dark background above but ideal for a splash of color


If you want a section to overlay the section above, then this class is for you. 

text-center, text-left and text-right

These are the classes you can use to alter the alignment of text within a row.

14. Assigning WPBakery Page Builder to Portfolio/Ebor Mega Menu Pages

Please note, depending on your theme, not all boxes seen below will be applicable 
(such as mega menu)

To use WPBakery Page Builder within Portfolio/Ebor Mega menu areas etc, 1st head to WPBakery Page Builder settings in your WP dashboard.

Once here, navigate to the Post Type dropdown and switch from Pages Only to Custom - this will then allow you to check each post type you wish to enable WPBakery Page Builder on.

15. Pillar - Visual Composer Blocks

16. Pillar - Portfolio Posts

17. Pillar - Team Posts

Heads Up!

Team posts are automatically show at /team/ on your site, though you can use the page builder to add these to a page instead.

Team posts work just like blog posts. Ensure each team post has a featured image set. You’ll also want to set a job title, and some social icons for each team member using the additional inputs underneath the WP Editor/

18. Pillar - Client Posts

Client posts are a useful way of adding some client logos to your page, set the logo as the featured image, set the client name as the title, and add a client URL if you want the logo to link somewhere.

19. Pillar - Testimonial Posts

20. Pillar - Post Type Options

Our themes allow you to control the urls used for the provided post types (such as team, portfolio etc). The Post Type Options page can be found within Settings in your WP admin area.

By standard, the usual url for your portfolio items would be yoururl.com/portfolio - however, using the provided area you can replace 'portfolio' with whatever slug you wish to use! The same principal applies to other post types also, depending on the theme in use.

Once you have changed your slug you may recieve a 404 error when trying to access your items, to remedy this, simply head to Settings > Permalinks and hit save. This refreshed WP permalink settings and should resolve this for you.

21. Pillar - Mega Menus

Whilst there are many methods of handling mega menus, Ebor Mega Menu offers the ultimate level of flexibility by allowing the use of Visual Composer/WPBakery Page Builder to create sublime, multi column drop down menus to create the exact navigation you want with very little effort. Where Ebor Mega Menu differs from the crowd is we utilize the power of WordPress custom posts to give you the freedom to use whatever content you want, however there are a few steps which need to be taken during the setup of your theme to accommodate this.


Once you have installed your theme (described above), if you have imported the demo data, when you view a Mega Menu item you will notice the content area shows a series of shortcodes and not the lovely Visual Composer UI (see image below).

To remedy this you will need to manually activate the awesome Visual Composer to allow it to be used when creating/editing menu items.  

The area can now be found under the Role Manager Tab within the WPBakery Page Builder settings area

Once here, navigate to the Post Type dropdown and switch from Pages Only to Custom - this will then allow you to check each post type you wish to enable the builder on on.

Once complete, you will have the full power of WPBakery Page Builder available to you and the Menu Item editing page will look like this.



Adding your Ebor Mega Menu items to your sites navigation is much the same as adding a post or a page, however you will need to enable the Ebor Mega Menu items in your WordPress dashboard first. To do this, head to Appearance > Menus and at the top right of the screen you will see a tab called 'Screen Options' (1), open this up and you will see a range of content that you can add to the menu, however in this case simply check the box for 'Ebor Mega Menu' (2) and you will see the items now available for you to drag and drop into your desired menu.


22. Contact Form 7 Overview

Contact Form 7 is our recommended form plugin for WordPress. It is a simple but powerful form creator for WordPress. Here we will show you how to use Contact Form 7 to create and edit a basic form.

After Contact Form 7 is installed, you’ll find a new menu item in your WordPress admin area called Contact, here is where your forms and created and edited. From the Contact main screen, you will see your first contact form, its usually a default form called 'Contact Form 1' OR if you have imported the demo data for our theme you may see a few forms that we have made specially for you.

When creating and editing forms CF7 uses simple shortcodes (in WordPress these shortcodes are words surrounded by square brackets like “[” and “]”) - these shortcodes are generated via the 'Generate Tag' area (marked in red) and then placed in the form builder area (marked in blue) - you can also add your own HTML to the form for extra control.

23. Creating a Google Maps iFrame

When using the Google Maps page builder block, you will need to use the iframe supplied by Google to create your map.

Creating this iframe is simply, but not very clear.

Simply hit the menu icon on the upper left of the screen, then hit Share and within the popup that appears, select the embed tab - this will give you the iframe code as needed

24. How do I reorder categories/posts etc?

Sadly, by default, WordPress has no easy method built into it for taking control of things such as the order of your Posts, categories (Portfolio, Team, Classes etc based on your theme) - Thankfully there is a very handy plugin which can help - Intuitive Custom Post Order

To install the plugin, simply head to Plugins > Add New and search for Intuitive Custom Post Order - once installed, you will need to head to Settings > Intuitive CPO to set things up. Once there you will see the following screen (the items will vary depending on your theme)

Simply Tick the box next to the content you wish to control and hit save.

Now you can quickly and easily re-order your items by simply dragging them within the WP Dashboard - you can see this wonderful plugin in action below. 

25. Common Issue Troubleshooting

Im seeing a 'stylesheet missing' error when trying to upload the theme
Im setting a max_upload_size error when trying to upload the theme
Where is my Visual Composer/Revolution Slider license?
I cant import the demo data, why?
Im getting a 404 error when viewing my portfolio/team etc
My site is slow to load, why?
Iv received an email saying there is an update, what do I do?
I want to translate the theme into my language/change some wording - what do I do?
Why are my page builder blocks not appearing on my blog page?

Im seeing a 'stylesheet missing' error when trying to upload the theme

This means your uploading the wrong zip package. When downloading your theme you have the option to download the full package, or the installable theme itself.

We suggest to download the whole package, then unzip this to locate your theme.zip file (theme name will change based on your purchased theme.

Im setting a max_upload_size error when trying to upload the theme

Some hosting, especially budget shared hosting, may impose file restrictions for uploads to your WP site. In some cases, installing this plugin and work very well https://wordpress.org/plugins/increase-upload-max-filesize/ however if it fails to work then you will need to contact your hosts to they can make the necessary changes from there end as this is something we cannot help with from a theme point of view.

Where is my Visual Composer/Revolution license?

Premium plugins such as Revolution Slider and Visual Composer may request a purchase code during use. This code is used to provide direct updates and support from the plugins creator and as such is not required or supplied for use with our themes. Our frameworks have been carefully create to ensure your running the latest compatible version at all times, so you have no need to worry. Please note that we manually update our bundled plugins after thorough testing as some plugin updates have bugs that we are unhappy to ship to our customers, you will receive updates when we are happy with the plugin. If you truly require auto-updates from these plugins you’ll need to purchase a personal license, please note this is the same for each theme on themeforest that bundles plugins.

I cant import the demo data, why?

Some budget hosting such as godaddy etc are quite poor and offer little in the way of resources so a large task such as importing a whole demo and images etc can be a little too much for them. In cases like this, the 1st thing you should try is the Fallback method - it uses special plugins to lighten the load and helps in 99% of cases.

if the issue persists, then you will need to contact your hosts who can hopefully increase your servers performance to suit the task.

Im getting a 404 error when viewing my portfolio/team etc

WordPress is a rock solid platform in most cases, but sometimes, when working with a new theme for instance, it needs a little nudge to update all of its core settings etc. If your seeing a 404 error or such when trying to view your projects (or team members, clients etc - depending on your theme)

To do this, simply head to Settings > Permalinks and select 'postname' from the options listed - even if this option is already selected, hit save anyway (this is the nudge we mentioned earlier) - Once done, you should be able to view all your content with no issues.

Should any issues remain, this indicates an issue with your server (the theme has no control of this) so you will need to contact your hosts for further support.

My site is slow to load, why?

As you saw when viewing the demos of our themes, our themes are capable of being blisteringly fast, however you may ocationally notice your site is not loading as fast as you hoped – here you can find some tips for ensuring your new site loads as quickly as possible http://www.tommusrhodus.com/speeding-up-wordpress/

Iv received an email saying there is an update, what do I do?

To update your theme to the latest version, you should re-grab the theme files from the downloads page of your themeforest account. You should then use the this article: http://www.tommusrhodus.com/updating-wordpress-theme-themeforest/

I want to translate the theme into my language/change some wording - what do I do?

Like most WP themes, our theme is translatable via the provide PO file - you can read more about this process here http://www.tommusrhodus.com/wp-basics-translating-your-wordpress-theme/ as well as check out this handy video guide for this task 

Why are my page builder blocks not appearing on my blog page?

Basically the way WP works means that archive pages, such as blog categories, search results and the page you nominate to be your blog page under Settings > Reading are controlled by WP so any page builder (Variant, Visual Composer etc) can no longer be used as WP itself handles the page. 

For this reason you will find options for you blog layout within the theme options (Appearance > Customize > Blog Settings) where you can pick the layout, title etc as you wish

26. Theme support Policy

Hey There! Please Read The Following:

These Tickets are not for Customisation requests (theme modification, behaviour changes, moving elements, 3rd party plugin integration etc.) Any ticket relating to customisation will be politely forwarded to -- http://www.tommusrhodus.com/contact/ -- and then your ticket will be closed.

"style.css is missing" scroll to the bottom of this message for the answer.

Want your site to load more quickly? A good web host is the best way to do this, we recommend and use WPEngine for all our theme demos.

I run support Weekdays 9am - 5pm GMT. You can expect a response within 12 - 48 hours, Monday to Friday unless there is a national holiday. Here is a list of UK national holidays: https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays. Note that "bumps" to tickets put you to the back of my queue, be patient, every ticket is answered promptly.

What these tickets are for:

Help using theme features, bug reports & reasonable feature requests for future updates. Need to update your theme? See here: http://www.tommusrhodus.com/updating-wordpress-them...

What these tickets aren't for:

Any issues relating to 3rd party plugins not recommended by the theme, theme customisations, or theme changes your client requires.

What counts as customisation?

If you want to change the appearance or functionality of the theme by editing or extending the theme's code, then that is customisation, and will not be supported through these tickets. Likewise if your client has a function request that does not exist in the theme, these tickets are not the place to have the theme extended for this.

Do you need customisation work?

If that's exactly what you're here for, you can fill out a custom work form here; http://www.tommusrhodus.com/contact/

Things to check when leaving a ticket:

  1. You must leave a link to your site, if not we will ask you to do this anyway and it will result in a delay to your ticket.
  2. Please be descriptive when leaving a ticket, use screenshots if possible, "doesn't work" is not an acceptable descriptive term and you will be asked to explain further.
  3. Disable all non-theme-recommended plugins, undo any code changes, and ensure you're using a default, unmodified version of the theme files. You'll find a lot of the time this fixes your issue.
  4. Tickets without a validated purchase will not be answered. Properly validate your purchase.
  5. If you have a modified theme, or are using a child theme for modification, we cannot help with bugs. Please present bugs to us within the default, unmodified theme, and we will help every time!
  6. Please note Envato's Licensing covers 1 URL per 1 purchase of a theme: http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular - ticket profiles covering multiple URLs with 1 license code, will be stopped until the remaining licenses are provided.

Cheers & Thanks again for your purchase!

A quick point on theme support: All of my themes are tested and thoroughly scrutinised by themeforest support staff and are confirmed 100% working, if you're having any issues you should be 99.9% sure it's a user error, or a bug I will be happy to fix with you. With this in mind, please keep your tone calm & professional, you will always get the same from me. Any tickets left with vulgar language, or with threatening, unprofessional language will be promptly closed and/or deleted. All tickets left with a calm, professional tone will receive awesome support, as always.

"style.css is missing", no it isn't, one of two things has happened and I can help you with both:

  1. You've bought a HTML template. Was your purchase under $17? Then you've not bought a WordPress theme, you've bought a HTML template, contact Envato support, they can help: http://support.envato.com
  2. You've uploaded the main theme .zip, instead, unzip this, inside you'll find documentation and another .zip called themenameWPTheme.zip <= this is what you should be installing.

27. How To Rate Your Theme

28. Setting Up Automatic Updates

As Envato does not offer automatic updates like you would find on wordpress.org - Envato have created a plugin which aims to make keeping your purchases up to date easier in the form on the Envato Market plugin. 

Please see the plugins information page linked above for details on installation and setup.

Please note being a 3rd party plugin we are not responsible for its operation/support.

29. Pillar - Tweaks and Knowledgebase

Vertical Nav - Allow Logo To Be Full Width Of Nav

To allow the logo to be 100% width place the following CSS in your custom css area and tweak as you wish

.nav-slide .logo {
    margin-left: -3.25em;
    margin-right: -3.25em;

Change Carousel Transition Speed

Add the following to your custom css area and tweak as you wish

.owl-stage {
    transition: 3s !important;

Keep next/prev portfolio links within the same category

To have the portfolio next/previous item links only display items in the same category, replace the contents of inc/content-portfolio-nav.php with the following - https://gist.github.com/DistinctiveThemes/10cb37b0da089eea179209611cdb67f2

    $displays = get_option('ebor_framework_cpt_display_options');
    $slug = ( $displays['portfolio_slug'] ) ? $displays['portfolio_slug'] : 'portfolio';
<section class="project-navigation">
    <?php previous_post_link('%link', '<span class="h5"--><span class="larr">←</span> '. esc_html__('Previous Project', 'pillar') .'', TRUE , ' ' , 'portfolio_category'); ?>
    <a href="<?php echo esc_url(home_url($slug)); ?>">
        <span class="h5"><!--?php esc_html_e('All Projects', 'pillar'); ?--></span>
    <!--?php next_post_link('%link', '<span class="h5"-->'. esc_html__('Next Project', 'pillar') .' <span class="rarr">→</span>', TRUE , ' ' , 'portfolio_category'); ?>

Adding Titles and Labels to Mega Menu Items

To create a title within Mega Menu item, use the following HTML markup as your menu label and tweak as you wish

<span class="multi-column__title">Business Layouts</span>

For the new label, you can use this HTML

Startup 2 <span class="label">New</span>

30. WPBakery Page Builder Purchase Code/License

Your theme comes with a copy of the powerful WPBakery Page Builder, however its important to note, being bundled with a theme means that its not possible to "Activate" your copy of the plugin - but this has NO effect on how the plugin works

Activating the plugin allows you access to support and direct updated from the WPBakery team, so if you wish to purchase your own license so you can take advantage of this for whatever reason - you must deactivate and delete the version of WPBakery Page Builder provided with your theme, and install your own via Plugins > Add New in your WP Admin area.

Once done, you can use your new WPBakery Page Builder license to activate as you wish. For details on this see this article.