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  Public Ticket #1177110
Header Login Button


  • Samuel Chopard started the conversation

    Hello again :)

    I am setting up the header and I added a "Login" button. Currently, the login button redirect to a login page.

    Although, I would like that it behaves just like one of the login section modals (the "Login 3"). So, visitors can login in just 2 clicks instead of being redirected to another page.

    Is that possible? If yes, how?

    Best regards,

    Samuel Chopard

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    TommusRhodus replied

    Hi there

    Its not a feature of Stack, but I have to say thats a pretty nice idea I think. It would be quite cool and unique so iv made a note of this to see if its something Tom can add to Stack.

    We are updating all the time with new features etc so be sure to subscribe to update notifications in your ThemeForest downloads are to ensure your informed of any future releases of your theme and keep and eye on https://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com/article/10419/ for details of each update

    Thanks, Danny

  • Samuel Chopard replied

    Hello Danny,

    Ok, great! Thank you very much for your reply.

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    TommusRhodus replied

    Hi there

    Just to let you know iv just completed a plugin which should help here - you can read about it and download it here http://www.tommusrhodus.com/free-plugin-stack-modals-simple-modal-extension-stack-wordpress/

    The plugin is very new, so if you run into any bugs or such please be sure to let me know 

    Cheers, Danny