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logo size


  • David started the conversation

    Hi,  Great theme!

    I've tried all the css I know.  No luck.  

    1. Logo is too small at the top left. resized for a height of 18px

    2. There was no way to upload the logo through Appearance - Customize  So I had to just replace the Launchkit logo in the content directory but still small and can't fix. 

    What is the solution for this. Sorry to bother you but would be great to be able to just upload the logo in customize and have it resized to the same height as original LaunchKit logo that was there. 

    Attached files:  logosmall.png

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    TommusRhodus replied

    Hi there

    1 - Place the following CSS in your custom css area and tweak as you wish

    .nav-1 .logo {
        margin-top: 4px;
        max-height: 60px;

    2 - If your not seeing the logo upload area in the theme options, try disabling/re-enabling the theme/Ebor Framework plugin

    Thanks, Danny

  • David replied

    Hi Thanks. My error. Found it in the customize.  

    Sorry for the bother!