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Variant Page Builder stopped working


  • Valerie Urso started the conversation

    I have a two-fold issue. 
    First problem is that the plus sign to add new text boxes is no longer visible. I have to zoom very far out to see it again down at the bottom of the list. This makes the text so tiny I can't navigate it. 
    Second problem is the real issue - the text boxes have stopped sorting on this page. If I change their order using the lefthand sidebar like in the screenshot, the order will be changed in the sidebar, BUT it is not reflected on the website. I have tried flushing the cache, creating a duplicate of the page (carried over the same issue to the duplicate page) using Duplicate This plugin. Still the order of text boxes will show up correct in the backend when I look on the sidebar list, but on the front end nothing changed. This has been going on for about a week now.

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    TommusRhodus replied

    Good evining,

    You'll need to update the theme first, use https://envato.com/market-plugin/ to do that.

    then afterwards, in "appearance => install plugins" you can update to the latest Variant version.

    Cheers - Tom

  •   Valerie Urso replied privately