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  • Eros Rosenfield started the conversation

    Hi Tom,

    I am a 2 time license buyer of Foundry.  Can you please answer the following questions:

    In reference to my previous inquiry about this project, I wanted to share a bit more about the site goals.  There are 4 links:

    Video: What's your recommended solution for a video that plays automatically, resizing to show the largest possible full frame, with text below?

    Portfolios: I'd like to make a wide grid 3 column portfolio, with a roll over showing a title and subtitle.  I'd prefer that the subtitle not have to be a portfolio category, though I can hack that if needed.  On click, I would prefer it went to a page and not a portfolio so I can use WPBakery back end to edit.  But the layout I want is similar to foundry_text_image layout="box-left".  I'd like to have more control over the text style, but all of these pages will look exactly alike, so I once I get it dialed in, I can reproduce.  Also, with pages, I can use a cloning plugin, but with portfolios, I can't?  That would make it easier.

    Would there be another way to get the wide grid 3 column look without using portfolios? Just a page?

    Partners: I'd like to do a take on Team pages, with two exceptions:  I may want nested categories, probably only one level.  So, Partners / Category / then individual pages.  And I may want additional content below the text image layout, with more content about the Partner, their videos, etc. Suggestions?

    How do I control the resizing and cropping of images?

    Also wondering how to control image compression to avoid low res renderings? 

    Thank you.

    Josh "Eros"