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To disable opening team member opening on the new page


  • ed started the conversation

    Hi Tom, 

    Can you tell how I can turn off the link for opening the new page when I come over with mouse over team member? 

    Therefore, how to disable opening new page with more info about the team member. I want to keep it simple, to have a web page only with the list/images of team members with their titles. 

    Thanks for reply and cheers, 


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  •   ed replied privately
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    TommusRhodus replied

    Good morning,

    1. Ensure the plugin CMB2 is active so that you can edit metaboxes on posts (team etc.) in WP-Admin

    2. Copying your entire /wp-content/ folder and doing a database transfer should do the trick, but there's also plugins dedicated to helping move sites accross hosts.

    3. Sorry but my theme tickets do not cover SEO best practices etc.

    Cheers - Tom